Timothy Keim is a 20 year yoga practitioner, teacher and yoga therapist. Tim regards yoga as a universal toolbox because it is a complete system that enables us to gain optimum health, wellness and enlightenment.

Tim has healed himself of injuries, Crohn’s Disease and depression with yoga asana, pranayama and meditation.

Tim says, “I have proven the value of yoga in my own body and mind. These same results are available to all who are willing to apply themselves to the ancient principles of the practice. Yoga is also an endless adventure which will lead you to the core of yourself which is the experience of pure bliss.”



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Tim, I can’t wait to see your forthcoming book, Dynamic Dozen!

  2. Hi Tim, can i ask have you found nauli to be helpful with crohns disease? I was concerned with acid regulation. Im asking on behalf of a family member who suffers from crohns. Thank you katrina

    • Hi Katrina, So sorry I’m just getting to this. I don’t check my gmail acct often.
      Nauli will help strengthen the gut when you are not ill. If your relative is having any symptoms, hold off on nauli until the digestive tract is quiescent. A regimen of gentle yoga, meditation to calm the mind and a cooling, alkaline diet would serve well. Crohn’s has a strong emotional component and yoga and meditation can help cleanse the body of stress and settle the mind. Using recipes like kitcheree will also soothe digestion. If there is an Ayurvedic Physician in your area, I would recommend that your relative contact them. There are also many herbs that have a strong soothing effect on the digestive system that may be more effective than many modern pharmaceuticals.This disease can be cured. If your relative would like to talk to someone who has done it, have them email me at timkeim811@yahoo.com
      All the best to you!

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