The Dynamic Dozen: 12 Accessible Yoga Poses for Building Bone Density, Strength and Balance

Dynamic Dozen Cover


Greetings All,

Above is the cover for my recently published book about reversing osteoporosis with yoga. The inspiration for this brief e-book came from my students. As their bone scans showed dramatic improvement in bone density after starting yoga practice, I knew I had to offer this knowledge to others.

Millions of people in the U.S. and around the world are afflicted with this dreadful disease that often leads to bone fractures, loss of independence and progressive debility. Yoga offers a way to reverse this disease,  and live a strong, independent life. The Dynamic Dozen demonstrates how resistance to gravity and weight bearing yoga poses stimulate the body’s bone building cells to start building bone  to restore bone mass lost to osteoporosis.


Live long, strong and healthy with The Dynamic Dozen!





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